Jul 16, 2013

Agawa Aglow

Agawa Aglow - Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park 
Many campgrounds along the northern shores of Lake Superior are (not surprisingly) protected from the big lake by islands or peninsulas. Agawa Bay is not; it is open to the lake. The campgrounds face west with an unimpeded view of Lake Superior all the way to the horizon.

Occasionally the bay is calm, peaceful, tranquil, as depicted in this photo. More often west winds blow hard bringing white-capped waves and cool (some would say cold) air and water. On windy days, Agawa Bay is a wild place. The wind in the trees and the waves on the beach produce a surprising volume of sound. Tents, awnings, and camp stoves tend to relocate … but, so too, do the bugs.

Agawa Bay continues to be my favourite place to camp primarily because it is not protected from the open lake. The full splendour of Gitche Gumee is evident in all its power and glory. One comes to understand that Lake Superior is, indeed, an inland sea producing its own weather systems and moods. The weather is so much a part of Agawa Bay that different visits produce remarkably different impressions.

This photo is one of my favourites. We have a print on the wall of our living room. As I am writing I find myself wondering if there is a chance I can get up to Agawa before the summer ends.

You can purchase a fine art print of this photograph here.

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