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Jul 21, 2013

Gitche Gumee Gloaming

'Gitche Gumee Gloaming' - Lake Superior near Rossport ON.

Lake Superior has its moods. A common one features grey, foreboding clouds with the darkness of dusk during daytime. It is a mood that contributes to the mystique of Gitche Gumee. The Old English word, gloaming, seems appropriate even if the time of day is not, strictly speaking, twilight. The title, Gitche Gumee Gloaming, presented itself.

Gitche Gumee Gloaming was photographed at a 'scenic lookout' on the Trans-Canada Highway near Rossport ON. I visited this viewpoint many times over the years always hoping for bright sunny skies. But each time I was frustrated by some version of  the scene shown above.

Through some process of time and revelation, I learned to embrace the clouds. In fact, Gitche Gumee Gloaming was the first photo in which I consciously accepted that the character of clouds is inherently more interesting than the uniformity of a bright blue sky. This photo changed my approach to landscape photography. In many of my photos, clouds have become a big part of the picture.

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