Jul 13, 2013

Seduced by Superior

'Pukaskwa Tree & Pic Islands' - Pukaskwa National Park near Marathon ON
The north shore of Lake Superior is, for me, most alluring, almost seductive.

Where others see only 'endless miles of trees and rock' I experience magnificent vistas and feel a kind of primordial pull to this land. Around each bend in the Trans-Canada Highway another landscape canvas unfolds. From the relative calm of Batchawana Bay to the the winds and waves of Agawa Bay, from  the rugged Horseshoe Cove to the idyllic setting of Rossport, from Red Rock to Silver Islet and on to the Sleeping Giant near Thunder Bay, it's all captivating to me. And each trip along the north shore re-affirms this siren song. It has not waned over the years.

Pukaskwa National Park is a Canadian treasure on the north-east shores of Lake Superior. Short hikes produce dramatic changes in scenery. A coastal trail gives unfettered access to Gitche Gumee. The image above, Pukaskwa Tree & Pic Islands, captures some of the feeling I have for this place.

It's a shame that many Canadians do not get to visit this part of Canada. It's a bigger shame that many who do travel 'north of Superior', don't appreciate the beauty. It boggles the mind.

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