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Jul 25, 2013

Sleeping Giant Down The Road

'Sleeping Giant Down the Road' - Sleeping Giant from northeast of Thunder Bay
From Thunder Bay ON, it's obvious why the southern portion of Sibley peninsula is called the 'Sleeping Giant'. It does resemble a person lying on his/her back with arms folded. As you travel 'down the road', northeast along the Trans-Canada Highway, the appearance changes but this geographic formation still captivates.

Sibley Peninsula is home to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. The park has many hiking trails and scenic outlooks. The highlands on the western side provide compelling views of the lake and Thunder Bay. One observation point has a viewing deck cantilevered over the edge of the cliffs. The floor of this viewing deck is slatted - terrific view but not recommended for people with a fear of heights.

If you're not into hiking, the village of Silver Islet, on the eastern side of the peninsula, has an old-fashioned general store and tea room.

I'm not sure if the same trail exists today but 20 years ago my son and I hiked to what was then known as 'The Chimney'. We climbed to the top of highlands (to the top of the Sleeping Giant). The views made the long hike and climb an experience neither of us is likely to forget.

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