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Aug 21, 2013

After the Storm

'After the Storm' - at Agawa Bay on Lake Superior

It's quite possible I have a problem. I have way too many photos of Agawa Bay and, every time I visit, I take dozens more. Addicted? Probably. Is this a bad thing? No. Not at all.

'Agawa Aglow'
As related in several earlier posts about Agawa Bay, Lake Superior creates its own weather and moods. The photo, After the Storm, shows lingering clouds above the hills (some would say mountains). The gulls are out in force looking for tasty tidbits. The beach is deserted. Campers have skedaddled back to the shelter of awnings, trailers, tents.

'Another Day at Agawa Bay'
What the photo doesn't show is the change in temperature, the smell of the lake, trees and beach after the rain, or the feel of the wind on your face. It's a fresh new world with distinct sights, sounds and smells.

'Canot Voyageur'
Even though I have many photos of Agawa Bay, I am anticipating my next visit. Yes. I will be taking more photographs. Maybe I'll get up there this fall. I do want some autumn colour shots. More likely it will be next year sometime. C'est la vie.

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