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Aug 11, 2013

Big Ships Far from the Ocean

'Big Ships Far from the Ocean'

Big ships are usually associated with the oceans, with sailing the seas.

In Canada, we can see big ships in the middle of the country, far from any ocean. The St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes provide shipping access well into the heart of the continent. Ocean-going freighters travel as far west as Thunder Bay, Ontario.

There are also ships built expressly for the Great Lakes. These vessels never sail the oceans. They may carry iron ore, wheat, salt or a variety of other products. In the photo above, a lake freighter is docked at Goderich ON, on Lake Huron, awaiting a cargo of salt from the mines located there.

The Great Lakes, and big ships, are an integral part of the history and culture of Ontario. Many of  the people in Ontario live on or near the lakes. It is not unusual to see foreign-registered ships out on the lakes or traversing canals or docked in the many ports. In Ontario, big ships are not always associated with the oceans.

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