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Aug 22, 2013

Out of the Fog

'Out of the Fog' - Witless Bay NL 

One morning in mid-June I watched this boat leave Bay Bulls NL. A little while later, in Witless Bay NL, the boat reappeared out of the fog. I couldn't quite believe my luck. Even though there was fog out on the ocean, the bay was clear between the shore and the boat.

Framing a photo to get the right background, is often a tricky business. In this case, the background was perfect. It was almost as if the boat were in a studio. Despite the fog, sunlight filtered through producing variations in the background and, at the same time, lighting the bay softly without glare.

Eventually, the fog began to dissipate revealing the island at the mouth of the bay. Made my day.

'Island Revealed' - Witless Bay NL

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