Aug 23, 2013

The Treasure of the Bruce

"North of Jackson's Cove" - on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

The Bruce Peninsula is a Southern Ontario treasure.

Dividing Georgian Bay from Lake Huron, the land slopes from east to west, with limestone cliffs along much of the Bay side and gently sloping shores along the Lake side. The Georgian Bay coast has many bays and coves providing harbours at Owen Sound, Wiarton and Lion's Head. Near the northern end of the peninsula, cliffs and clear waters may have you wondering if you've left Canada for some exotic foreign location.

'Sunset above Big Bay'
The Bruce Trail follows the Niagara Escarpment (a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve) through Southern Ontario from Queenston on the Niagara Peninsula to Tobermory at the end of the Bruce Peninsula. On the Bruce the Trail winds along the Georgian Bay side often near the top of cliffs. The photo above shows the view from just north of Jackson's Cove on Hope Bay. It was early autumn with crisp clean air. You could see for miles. Spectacular.

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