Sep 28, 2013

Sunset Silhouettes

Sunset Silhouettes - within the city of  London ON

I am drawn to trees silhouetted against the sky. And, regardless of whether it's sunset, sunrise, or the middle of the day, I favour skies with some clouds to give texture to a photograph. This photo manages to capture both elements.

The context of photos fascinates me. There is a common belief that photographs are somehow objective. But what did the photographer choose to leave out? Why did one thing become the subject of the photograph while other things were ignored, neglected or deliberately excluded? By focusing on a particular subject, in a certain light, the photographer paints a picture, changes our perception, makes one thing more important than others.

In the photo above, there is no hint that the location is inside a city, let alone a city in southern Ontario. I chose to photograph trees silhouetted against a sunset. I deliberately excluded any hint of the city. I enjoy the fact that such a photo can be made inside a city. This is me expressing myself as a photographer. If you ask me, photography is a very subjective form of expression.

Another 'sunset in the city' photograph can be found here.

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