Sep 1, 2013

The Skerwink Trail - Part Three

'Trinity Lighthouse' -  from the Skerwink Trail

As you round the point on the Skerwink Trail, you begin to see the town of Trinity NL. The lighthouse marks the thin peninsula that guards the harbour. Then the town comes into view. For me, this part of the trail is all about views of Trinity.

'Downtown Trinity' - a view of Trinity NL from the Skerwink Trail

'The Theatre District' - Trinity NL
Because the town stretches along the coast, any photo framing the entire town makes the buildings so small as to be unidentifiable. Instead, I have chosen two photos of areas that may be familiar to visitors.

Trinity and the Skerwink Trail are located on the Bonavista Peninsula about halfway from Clarenville to the town of Bonavista. It would be grand to spend an entire summer exploring the Bonavista Peninsula. What a magnificent summer it would be.

Click HERE for The Skerwink Trail - Part One.

And HERE for A Digital Impression of Trinity NL

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