Oct 17, 2013

A Sanctuary of Solitude

Driftwood at Dusk

Driftwood on the beach. A solitary seagull. Cliffs turning blue in the waning light. Clouds glow orange as the Earth turns away. Sand-filled waves roll onto the beach. Sunbathing and swimming are finished for the season. Winter snows and lake ice are nature's next show. Gone are the shrieks of children with a beach ball, replaced by the waves and the cry of a gull.

The bright blue, cloudless skies of summer feel like the neon lights of a big city entertainment district. And beaches full of people, in all manner of attire, are not unlike a crowded city street. The busy, carnival-like atmosphere of a popular beach can be fun and exciting but it can become overwhelming.

As the cooler temperatures and gray skies chase the hordes away, a beach can become a sanctuary of solitude. A long walk on a deserted beach is good for the body, the mind and the spirit. Of course, it's also marvelous for photography.

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