Oct 18, 2013

Seeking Spirit Island

Seeking Spirit Island - on Lake Superior near Wawa, Ontario

In this glittering, quicksilver light, the island floats as if in space. The waters of Lake Superior are calm, transparent, yet reflect an overcast sky. Above the island, the clouds grow thin, translucent, luminous. From the beach, driftwood reaches towards the island and the light. Spirit Island seems an appropriate name for such a place.

The ancient Celts spoke of thin places where heaven and earth almost touch. Whether you accept the religious implications or not, the imagery works. In this moment, in this place, in this strange, mesmerizing, alluring light, the world changes. Old ways of seeing are replaced by a new, altered comprehension. A sense of timelessness and peacefulness pervades.

I seek places that speak to me, that ask to be photographed, that, most of all, cause me to see things in a different light. But you can't plan a trip to such a place. You stumble upon it. Pay attention to your muse and follow the advice.

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