Oct 16, 2013

Snow at the Lookout

Bonne Bay and the Tablelands

It's calm in the woods, on the trail up to the Lookout. The sun is shining. The wind can't break through the trees. It's relatively warm for an early June morning in Western Newfoundland.

The trail ascends steeply. It's getting warmer. Occasionally, a thinning of the trees provides views of the South Arm of Bonne Bay. In those moments, the air grows remarkably cooler.

As the trail continues, winding through woods and over rocks, there are steps designed to prevent erosion. Giant strides are required to use these steps. It's much easier to walk on the path.

After some time, the trail opens onto an alpine meadow. A boardwalk ascends across the clearing but not as steeply as before. The air is decidedly cooler now. The wind blows cold from the peaks above. The fact that there is snow in the Tablelands no longer seems peculiar.

Snow at the Lookout
When the boardwalk ends, at the edge of the meadow, a steeper trail appears. The red chairs at the Lookout have come into view (way up there at the top). A redoubled effort is made to reach the peak. The cool air of the meadow is soon forgotten due to the steep climb and protection from the winds.

At the top, the wind howls taking your breath away. It's not cooler. It's damned cold! The windward side of the posts are covered with snow. But the views are like the wind, breathtaking.

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