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Nov 25, 2013

Hello Winter

Hello Winter - London, Ontario, Canada

The weather forecasts called for snow squalls. If this was a 'squall' I don't want to see a full-blown snow storm.

Living to the lee of Lake Huron, we get 'streamers'. The prevailing west winds pick up moisture over Lake Michigan and Lake Huron and then, in a random lottery-like fashion, dump snow on various locations across Southwestern Ontario. Yesterday, London received more than 30 cm of snow while Sarnia to the west and Guelph to the east got very little.

The freshly fallen snow looks beautiful but it took hours to shovel the walks and driveway. Looking down the street, it might well be mid-February not late November. I wonder what new surprises the winter months will share.

"Hello Winter! I can't say I'm glad to see you."

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