Nov 22, 2013

Long Point World Biosphere Reserve

Long Point Wetlands - Long Point, Ontario

If you look at a map of the Great Lakes, Long Point is that spit of land in eastern Lake Erie. It extends some 32 kilometres into the lake and forms a bay with an area of 78 square kilometres.

For people living nearby, it's a vacation spot. a provincial park, a place for boating and fishing, a summer job. But Long Point is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. According to UNESCO it is home to "1,384 species of plants, 370 species of birds, 102 species of fish, 46 species of mammals, 34 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 91 species of butterflies." It is also "a waterfowl staging area and migration stop-over area for land birds with a continental importance." Long Point has serious biological significance.

It is, no doubt, a grand place to spend a summer vacation but it has a lot more to offer than beaches and boating. The area is quite picturesque. It is a photographer's and birder's paradise. If you visit, take some time to learn about the natural importance of this area. Find out why this place is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. What is it about this place that merits the attention?

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